Digatron Power Electronics

Digatron Power Electronics is an international group of companies with engineering,manufacturing and service facilities located in Germany,USA,China and India. Digatron develops and manufactures computer-controlled test and formation equipment for all kinds of batteries, ranging from batteries for mobile phones to automotive batteries to huge submarine batteries. 


Henkel Adhesive Group develops materials for the automotive electronics industry, which enable world-class performance and high-reliability.  By offering an expansive portfolio of enabling materials, the Automotive Electronics division of Henkel has become a leading supplier to the World’s top automotive electronics designers and manufacturers.



JL Mag Europe

JL Mag Europe is an international company focused on providing its customers a fully optimized magnetic solution: high-tech magnetic materials, advanced magnetic systems, full customer support and our “Cradle to Cradle” solution with a fully integrated Green Supply chain. Besides this“Green Mining Concept” JL Mag presents its further developed SSR Coating (>1000 Hrs Salt Spray Test) and Assembly capabilities.

LORD Corporation

LORD Corporation is a diversified technology and manufacturing company developing highly reliable adhesives, coatings, motion management devices, and sensing technologies that significantly reduce risk and improve product performance. For 90 years, LORD has worked in collaboration with their customers to provide innovative aerospace, defense, automotive and industrial solutions.

Paraclete Energy

Paraclete Energy’s economically viable products will enable battery manufacturers to integrate high-capacity, non-exotic Li-ion active additives into their existing manufacturing processes, thereby increasing energy density up to 400% without sacrificing overall durability, while being both ecologically friendly and scalable.

Voltabox AG

Voltabox AG is a 100% subsidiary of the German Tier 1 to the automotive industry, Paragon AG. Paragon began to develop and produce high-performance Li-ion battery systems in 2011. The division was spun-off in 2014 to form Voltabox Germany and Voltabox of Texas Inc. In 2017 both companies were combined as Voltabox AG.

Wacker Chemie AG

Silicone is the material of choice for electrification and connectivity by protecting sensitive electronics, assisting in thermal management and ensuring highly reliable sealing. WACKER is one of the most research-intensive chemical companies with a long history of inventing, modifying and adjusting silicones to the changing needs of the automotive industry.

ZELTWANGER Leak Testing & Automation 

From module assembly to pack assembly to end of line testing, ZELTWANGER proves its expertise at every point in the process of battery system assembly. They are specialists in automated Leak Testing and automated Assembly and Laser applications in battery manufacturing.

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