Developing, Validating, and Testing Battery Management Systems

dSPACE offers a complete tool chain for developing and testing battery management algorithms and systems. Its products cover the whole development process from rapid control prototyping (RCP), to production code generation, to hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulation. Specialized hardware and software enables the users to test even extreme boundary conditions.

For developing and validating battery management algorithms, dSPACE provides compact RCP platforms for computing the control algorithms, which can be used directly in the vehicle or the laboratory. For measuring the individual cell voltage, the EV1093 Battery Cell Measurement and Balancing Board is available. It supports passive balancing of battery cells.

The production code generator dSPACE TargetLink generates high-quality production code for battery management systems. TargetLink is certified for ISO 26262, IEC 61508, and derived standards, and is therefore suitable for developing safety-related software.

dSPACE HIL simulator systems are scalable for different tasks, such as the simulation of high-voltage batteries at cell level, real-time multicell battery simulation, or failure simulation for battery management systems. For realistic tests, the emulation of battery cell voltages plays an important role. The EV1077 Battery Cell Voltage Emulation Board supplies continuously adjustable voltages in the range of 0V to 6V, so damaged cells can be emulated as well. Additionally, tailored simulation models, such as the dSPACE ASM Multi Cell Model, connect up to 500 individual single cells of identical design to create a series string of cells, which reduces the processing load. For cell balancing purposes, each of the parallel circuits can be separated from the others.   

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