The Nerve Switch

The Nerve Switch technology stack from Nerve Smart Systems ApS makes most conventional battery management systems as well as power electronic components unnecessary.

company logoThe Nerve Switch is based on a semiconductor switch device for an optimised management of electrochemical cells. Using Nerve Switch technology inside a battery system enables each individual battery cell to be controlled both directly and independently. In doing so, the topology of the battery system (i.e. its serial and parallel connection of its battery cells) can be repeatedly changed, even during operation, in almost any order. Individual battery cells can be taken in and out of operation according to their respective state of charge and health.

By providing the possibility to repeatedly activate/deactivate each individual battery cell, variable topology and dynamic cell stack reconfiguration of battery systems are achieved. This allows to resign large parts of DC/DC power electronics as well as any kind of cell balancing.


Key benefits:

  • Continuous monitoring and controlling of individual battery cells
  • Variable cell topology of battery systems during operation
  • Self-learning state of charge (SoC) and state of health (SoH) estimation
  • Variable system output without additional power electronics
  • Retaining maximum battery lifetime and system capacity
  • Active prevention of battery cell thermal runaway
  • No high-voltage potentials in case of system failures
  • Active balancing of battery cells’ SoH
  • No power consumption in standby
  • Ability to control additional external devices


Key applications:

High-power chargers for electric vehicles with a Nerve Switch-operated battery buffer show up to 20 per cent better overall system efficiency compared to conventional battery systems.

In-grid, off-grid and micro-grid energy storage solutions with batteries is measured to have a seven to eight per cent improvement in energy efficiency compared to conventional technologies.

Renewable energy storage is exposed for fluctuations in supply and demand – with the Nerve Switch PV inverters can be eliminated from the system entirely and energy stored and used directly from batteries. Furthermore, the Nerve Switch can ensure a uniform discharge output.

Large-scale electric transport such a e-vessels and e-trucks require battery systems that can both supply high power and high energy at different scenarios, which is something that is easily achieved in compact battery systems operated by the Nerve Switch. The Dynamic cell stack reconfiguration also increases safety, since the battery system is not under high voltage in case of emergency.

Nerve Smart Systems will be exhibiting at Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo Europe 2019 at stand G137.