Kübrich Starter Generator Test System

Kübrich has developed a system for testing starter generators (SG) with up to 48V connection power.

The engine is simulated by a load simulator (servo motor), which is connected to the device under test (SG). The rpm controlled load simulator delivers the mechanical power for the generator test mode; for the start and boost function it delivers the moment of load and simulation of the combustion engine. In real vehicle situations, the SG unit is connected via a belt or directly with the engine.

At the test system, both layouts can be simulated. At the vehicle, the SG is directly connected to the vehicle battery; at the test system, the vehicle battery is replaced by a source/drain unit.

 The SG test system from Kübrich is designed as a flexible, individually usable test stand for later projects, with a special focus on different voltage and different mechanical solutions, such as direct-drive starter generators. The complete control cabinet including the safety system could be produced as an inbuilt system or separated for climate chamber applications.

Kübrich will be exhibiting at The Battery Show Europe, 15-17 May 2018, at booth #266.