The First Virtual Gearbox in the E-Mobility

For 130 years, copper coils have been installed in electric motors. This has not changed until today as the research focus of electromobility has so far been in the optimization of the battery. VOLABO has a disrup-tive proposal on how to make electric motors more efficient. Why not replace copper coils with aluminium bars?

At conventional electrical motors during the design phase a number of pole pairs is defined, which can not be changed after the production. This establishes an operating point at which the machine operates optimally, i.e., to achieve the maximum efficiency. Electrical machines are thus low-loss energy converters only for an optimized operating point. Apart from that point, the efficiencies of conventional electric drives are decreasing enormously. However, the goal should be to achieve maximum efficiency at every operating point.

VOLABO’s solution to solve this issue is a 48 Volt high performance traction drive which uses aluminum bars instead of copper coils. As every single bar is supplied by a dedicated power elec-tronics unit, VOLABO can generate the first virtual gearbox in the e-mobility. Like this the motor can permanently adapt to the load which makes the motor more efficient. Therefore, a 25 % higher driving range can be achieved. Moreover, with 48 Volt the drive is 100 % safe and does not need any rare earth magnets for production.

VOLABO will be exhibiting at Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo Europe 2018 on stand B377.