Exhibitor Spotlight TE Connectivity

Uwe Hauck is director of global technology and innovation at global technology leader TE Connectivity, where he is responsible for hybrid and electric mobility solutions (HEMS) including battery connection and protection systems. With a focus on innovation and technological advancements, the company is committed to building a safer, greener, smarter, and more connected world.

Can you tell us a little bit about the company and your work at TE Connectivity (TE)?

With more than 50 years of experience in automotive connectivity systems, high-voltage electricity, and pushing innovation from one industry to the next, TE is ready to complete the connections our customers need to help safely, efficiently, and reliably make hybrid and electric mobility a sustainable reality. TE’s innovative cell-to-cell, module-to-module, and battery-to-car solutions are addressing the big challenges of hybrid and electric vehicles. And we’re helping enable electric mobility by creating high-quality connections for every part of the charging system – and making them affordable. Our experience with high-voltage energy distribution and smart-grid technology gives us insight into the needs of this important market segment. For example, our new EVC 250-800 contactor for hybrid and electric vehicles is a high-voltage design specifically intended for commercial vehicles, trucks and buses, and is expected to launch in April 2017. Also, TE's broad line of high-voltage connectors and headers includes a complete range of interfaces required in hybrid and electric vehicles.

Your company has exhibited at The Battery Show US for the past few years. Can you tell us about the benefits of doing this, and why you have now chosen to exhibit at the European show?

The Battery Show in the US, held over three days in the Detroit area, is a showcase for the latest advancements in battery, hybrid, and electrical and related sensor technology. It’s attended by technical leaders, scientists, engineers, media, project leaders, buyers, and senior executives from companies around the world. TE expects the European show to be very much the same and we’re excited about the opportunity to showcase our technologies and our decades of innovation and experience with high-voltage transmission and distribution. Our hybrid and electric mobility solutions include a complete line of connectors, terminals, sensors, cable assemblies, contactors, and battery protection components to help safeguard the flow of power in hybrid and electric vehicles. And TE is well-positioned to accelerate success for car makers seeking a leadership role in the connected car market. 

How have your achievements from attending the US exhibition influenced your objectives for the European event?

We understand the importance of bringing an impressive portfolio of high-voltage products and solutions to the event in Europe. TE will showcase a wide range of connectors, terminals, sensors, high-voltage cables, cable assemblies, contactors, harnesses, and battery connection protection to help safeguard the flow of power in hybrid and electric vehicles. Our sensor portfolio includes position, speed and resolver, current, humidity, pressure, and temperature sensors, among others, and furthers our leadership position in high-voltage transmission and distribution. We’ll also highlight our new charging products that safely transfer power into the batteries: TE is actively co-creating efficient charging solutions.

Why should people visit your booth?

Not only will visitors be able to see the aforementioned product portfolio but they’ll also be able to talk with our leading experts in connectors, terminals, sensors, and high-voltage products. Such conversations are where collaboration often begins and it’s at the heart of TE’s culture. TE is a connectivity and sensor company that serves many industries. It is likely that a new issue in one industry has already been addressed in another industry. By leveraging “the Power of TE”, we bring experience and solutions from a multitude of industries to our automotive customers, which is a key advantage for our customers. This intra-collaboration further speeds our solutions and drives even greater innovation and value for our customers.

What are you most looking forward to during the exhibition?

We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to display our full portfolio of products that serve the battery industry. On hand will be TE’s innovative cell-to-cell, module-to-module, and battery-to-car solutions that are addressing the big challenges of hybrid and electric vehicles. One example: our EVC 175 main contactor will be on display. Based on the proven technology of TE’s EVC 250 contactor, the new contactor features a continuous current of 175A and a short-circuit capability of 5kA, meeting medium-power performance requirements. The EVC 175 contactor is ideal for applications in tight mounting spaces, with overall dimensions of only 70.3x50.9x34.3 mm and different options for mounting flanges.

Can you tell us about your new charging products that safely transfer power into the batteries (is the technology chemistry dependent)?

Charging Cable is one of the key components supporting the e-mobility trend and it is not chemistry dependent, which offers a broad market potential. It is seen as a major element for the satisfaction of the end customer, considering that the complete functionality of an EV car is depending on it. TE delivers to several OEMs both mode 2 and mode 3 AMP+ charging cables according to the current standards for different regions and countries. TE connectors are designed to survive the harshest environment being able to be mate more than 10,000 times as well as being overdriven by a car. To support this robust design, TE connectors are ultrasound welded to ensure premium sealing performance as well as breakage resistance.

TE Connectivity is co-creating an efficient charging solution. Can you tell us more about this and why you feel this market is worth targeting?

TE is currently developing the third generation of charging cable assemblies in compliance with IEC 62752, which demands an even more robust design with mechanical influences and sealing requirements. These charging cable assemblies are expected to launch later in 2017. Together with the charging inlet portfolio, TE offers a complete charging system which sustains the development of hybrid and electric vehicles. With proven experience in automotive connectivity systems and high-voltage electricity, combined with developing innovative components needed for alternative fuel vehicles, TE actively drives green mobility and the supporting infrastructure. From grid to vehicle and charging infrastructure to vehicle interfaces, TE is engaged early in a constant process of innovation along the entire value chain and offers a complete line of class-leading products, including terminals, connectors, relays, contactors, cable assemblies, sensors, and battery protection components.

OEMs are demanding higher energy density battery packs and changing battery architectures. How do TE Connectivity’s innovations in sensors, connectors, harnesses, and battery connection protection meet these demands?

At the show in Sindelfingen, TE will showcase its integrated current sensor, designed for use in hybrid and electric vehicle battery packs. The sensor can detect, in real-time, current variation and react with corresponding signals. A typical application is the battery management system, used to calculate the battery’s “state of charge”. At The Battery Show in the US, TE released a new Coreless Current Sensor, an addition to a lineup for the automotive industry that also includes position, speed, humidity, pressure, and temperature sensors, among others, and furthered the company’s position as a leader in high-voltage transmission and distribution. Both sensors were developed to be highly accurate while being highly reliable. They boast a compact size intended to fit into battery pack disconnect units and have a flexible design that can meet customer design needs. TE's broad line of high-voltage connectors and headers includes a complete range of interfaces required in hybrid and electric vehicles. New developments and product family extensions include the AMP+ HVP 1100 HV terminal and connector system, designed for voltage levels up to 750V. Our AMP+ line of cables, connectors, harnesses, and terminals safely and reliably channel high- and low-voltage power in and around the battery and vehicle, to help you put the power to the road.

What are the biggest challenges TE Connectivity faces from the hybrid and EV markets, and what are you doing to meet those challenges?

The fast growth of hybrid and electric vehicles in the market has become a challenge in terms of charging infrastructure. Ultra-fast charging will help to make infrastructure available and the highest charging currents need to be handled safely along the entire charging system. TE Connectivity is a leading connectivity provider with a high-performance, high-voltage portfolio that enables low-power losses in cables and connections.

As demand for EVs and hybrid vehicles grows, what do you think will be the biggest developments/trends in the connectivity industry in the next 10 years?

The increase of electrical power will lead the industry to smarter connections. Innovative materials and sensor integration into connectors will support miniaturization and drive reliability and lower high-voltage system costs.


TE Connectivity Germany GmbH are exhibiting at the Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo Europe at stand 418.

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