Exhibitor spotlight: Alan Cherrington, Chief Operating Officer at Integral Powertrain

Alan Cherrington is the Chief Operating Officer at Integral Powertrain overseeing the operations alan cherringtonand systems alongside the CTO and CCO. He is a Chartered Engineer with 21 years’ design experience in F1 engines, Energy Recovery Systems and 5 years aerospace design experience in military aircraft structures using metallic and composite materials. He has been part of the team winning the F1 World Championship 7 times (drivers and constructors championships). He is now helping the company grow and improve its capability in designing electric motors and inverters to support the development of Electric and Hybrid vehicles across a variety of engineering sectors.

Please tell us about your current role. What are your key focus areas and responsibilities?

In my current role I am responsible for Design, Analysis, Development, Software & Electronics, Test Facilities, Materials Management and HR functions. It’s a wide and varied role that is focused on making sure we deliver the customer requirements on time, every time and within budget. Our aim is to delight our customers with the technical capability of our products whilst delivering best value for money with our bespoke motors and inverters in a competitive e-Drive Powertrain market. To do all of this we need to attract the best possible talent to engineer world class products and provide exemplary service in everything we do. The key is making all these functions work together efficiently and effectively to enable the company to deliver on our promises to all of our customers.


What inspired you to join/start this company?

The company is a technology company led by engineers with the focus on developing world leading innovative products in a range of engineering sectors. Its fantastic to know that we are creating products that are helping reduce emissions and energy consumption in a range of different applications, making the world a better place for future generations. The speed and ability of the company means we work in fast paced environment with a constantly changing technology horizon providing opportunities every day to solve problems whilst providing interesting personal challenges.


What do you think sets your company apart from your competitors?

The ability to design, develop, and manufacture world leading, high power and torque density electric motors and inverters that are bespoke to our customer requirements. These products are being used in various sectors including high end motorsport, automotive, aerospace and industrial. Our ability to create “clean sheet designs” in relatively low lead times, based on Integral Powertrain’s core technology to manufacture bespoke products with low non-recurring costs makes Integral Powertrain a unique supplier in an ever growing e-Drive market.


What are the key opportunities and challenges your company faces at present?

The real challenge is bringing the technology we’ve developed for high end motorsport applications into everyday applications across a range of different sectors such as automotive, aerospace, marine and industrial. This needs to be scalable in terms of volume to capitalise on more opportunities with potential customers who are now looking for products that can be manufactured in volumes of 10 – 15k units per year per product range. In delivering this we need to maintain our quality and reliability standards across a range of different customers with ever changing demands. To meet this challenge we are looking to build a new technology centre and possibly a bespoke manufacturing facility for the higher volume production over the next few years.


Are there any new technology developments that you are working on at the moment? Can you tell us about them?

The e-Drive market is a rapidly changing market place. We have a number of exciting products in design and test at this time that will be used in numerous high profile and exciting applications. Whilst I can’t be specific about what those projects might be, it is fair to say that Integral Powertrain will be playing a significant role in the development of e-Drive technology over the next few years across many different sectors. Watch this space for our next exciting product…..


What would you say most excites you about your role?

The opportunity to be involved in helping develop amazing e-Drive products in a rapidly growing company at the forefront of e-Drive technological development, coupled with the ability to work alongside some incredibly talented professionals who are the best in their field. Every day we continue to learn more about our products and our business. By helping reduce emissions and energy consumption through improved efficiency products allows us to play a small part in making the world a better place for future generations.


How do you think the industry will develop within the next 5 years? Can you tell us about the key trends emerging?

I expect there will be a great deal of focus over the next few years on batteries in terms of efficiency, capacity and cost. Powertrains will become more integrated with transmissions, this will enable improvements in packaging and aid integration into various vehicle architectures. We ourselves have already developed a combined traction unit in conjunction with McLaren Applied Technologies and Hewland Engineering Technologies.


What do you hope to achieve at the show this year, and what connections do you hope to make?

We hope to bring some new and exciting products to the e-Drive market, products that will be higher performing in terms of torque and power density whilst being best in class over a range of different applications and sectors. We are always looking for new suppliers and customers, by aiming to continuously improve in every area we hope to maintain our status as one of the leading e-Drive companies in the world.

Integral Powertrain will be exhibiting at Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo Europe 2019 at stand 136.