Autumn 2018 newsletter poll results

In the last newsletter, we asked you to vote on what you think will be the biggest driver of increased uptake of electric and hybrid vehicles over the next five years.

poll results

The results are in! And they show an interesting spread of opinion. Almost a third of you think the biggest driver will be government legislation and new regulations on fossil-fuel-reliant vehicles, which is perhaps indicative of the restrictions already in place – emissions zones in cities, for example, and the planned UK ban on all new petrol and diesel cars and vans from 2040 – and changes currently being discussed at government level. It could also be reflective of the dual effects of greener government commitments and subsidies for low-emission vehicles. The next-largest share of the vote goes to better battery technology – we’re in an exciting phase of battery development with the coming years likely to see rapid evolution, meaning faster charging times and longer ranges. Eighteen per cent of you think uptake will occur less artificially, as the gradual improvement in performance and range of H/EVs boosts consumer purchases. Interestingly, fewer of you think that higher uptake will come from the consumer side or from investment by venture capitalists, suggesting that government policy and green campaigning is far more likely to pave the way for greater numbers of H/EVs on our roads.