MCS Stäubli’s multi-coupling solutions for increased efficiency in battery swapping

Optimising costs while continually improving productivity and safety are daily concerns for all operators. To meet these strict requirements, companies must be able to depend on reliable, high-performing, durable equipment. Stäubli's MCS (Multi Connect System) equipment programme has been developed to meet these requirements and create optimal new processes.

Why multi-coupling?

For operational cost and productivity.

The main advantage of centralised connection solutions is the ability to connect all fluid and electrical energies for the equipment in just one movement. Multi-coupling is particularly appealing for battery swapping, as it considerably reduces battery changes. Automated versions of MCS solutions provide maximum efficiency for staubli multi coupling deviceremote connections such as offshore submarine applications, as well as for complex and heavy systems such as test benches in the aerospace industry. This is why centralised connection has become an indispensable method for equipment cost management and productivity in many industrial sectors.

For the safety of operators and installations.

With MCS solutions, circuits cannot be switched, so cross-connection errors are eliminated. Effective systems for locking and guiding ensure faultless connection for all configurations.

Reliable, non-spill liquid automatic couplings allow the mix of fluid (thermal regulation) and electrical (high power and signals) energies on the same piece of equipment.

Why use MCS Stäubli solutions?

For customised answers from Stäubli's experts.

Stäubli’s teams have been developing multi-coupling solutions for over 30 years. They approach each project with the same commitment: to provide the most suitable solution that will stand the test of time.

To meet individual clients’ specific requirements, each solution is developed through an analysis of the environment and all of the settings for the application (type of energy, pressure, temperature, environment, etc.). Utilising this data and the range of standard Stäubli components, the company’s teams develop a tailor-made MCS solution for each client. Whether manual or fully automated, the wide range of coupling technologies from the MCS programme ensure lower operating costs and fully reliable connections, even in the harshest conditions.

For the reliability and durability of Stäubli solutions.

These principles are essential to Stäubli’s coupling ranges, guaranteeing high-performance plates that significantly reduce maintenance operations. By choosing these MCS solutions, manufacturers can rely on the ability of Stäubli to maintain the sustainability of the proposed solution.

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