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Improving Energy Density, Lifespan and Affordability of EV Components Through Thermal Management Materials

Electric vehicles (EV) are nearing an inflection point where they will begin to replace vehicles powered by internal combustion engines. Much of this is driven by regulation and advancements in battery technology. Automotive battery packs generate heat that is often managed by connecting cells and/or modules to a heat sink through a thermal interface material. As EVs become more prevalent, continued innovation in thermal management solutions for battery packs will occur. This webinar will provide an overview of thermal management materials used in EVs, as well as to show how thermal conductivity, power density and weight reduction for EVs is addressed, making it a serious alternative to combustion engines.

This webinar discusses the following topics:

  • How thermal management materials address EV limitations in range, reliability and cost by drawing heat away from components and improving energy density, lifespan and affordability.
  • Pros and cons of a cure-in-place liquid-dispense gap filler or a pre-cured thermal pad (also called gap pad).
  • New flame-resistant coatings that can help mitigate prevent thermal runaway in case of a fire.
  • Data from internal testing, as well as third party testing.
  • Conclusions and recommendations that include tradeoffs on cost, manufacturability and performance.

The webinar is sponsored and features speakers from LORD Corporation.


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Developing ADAS Sensors for Improved Safety in Advanced Vehicles 

As electrification, the connected car and autonomous driving development converge en route to developing the car of tomorrow, ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) must play their part in creating a safer, more efficient and more comfortable driving experience.
This webinar will include interactive Q&A time with a panel of industry experts to discuss the following topics:

  •  What are the ADAS sensor needs for the car of tomorrow?
  •  The design, assembly and integration challenges of developing ADAS sensors
  •  Where weaknesses in ADAS sensors might be and how to address them
  •  Where sensor software and hardware meet and the solutions to functionality challenges in environmental extremes of hot, cold, moisture etc.

Speaking organisations include: McKinsey Center for Future Mobility, SAIC Motor Technical Centre Limited, Henkel Technologies and FEV North America Inc.


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Overcoming the Impacts of Fast Charging on H/EVs, Batteries and Charging Systems

Fast charging and extreme fast charging (XFC) represent a key part of the solution to the 'range anxiety' concerns which remain a significant barrier to growing th electric vehicle marketing in Europe. This webinar brings together our expert panel to discuss the following topics:

  • The current impacts of fast and ultra- fast charging on H/EVs, batteries and charging systems
  • The proposed technologies for maintaining the optimal thermal range whilst charging
  • Examples of the cell chemistry solutions enabling fast charging and XFC
  • How the impacts of fast charging on the charging stations can be mitigated
  • An insight into the technologies in development to remove remaining technological barriers to large scale fast charging and XFC rollout

Speaking organisations include: Jaguar Land Rover, ABB, Henkel Corporation and National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL).


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