Find the Latest Manufacturing Solutions & Technologies at Europe’s New Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Exhibition

Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo Europe is an exhibition and conference showcasing manufacturing solutions along the supply chain for passenger, commercial and industrial H/EVs, including electrical powertrains and components, battery management systems, materials and equipment.

Why attend?

  • Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo Europe is a free-to-attend exhibition that offers an unparalleled opportunity to connect with the manufacturers of H/EV technology
  • Network with global representatives from the entire electric and hybrid vehicle manufacturing supply chain
  • You’ll gain a comprehensive insight into the latest H/EV systems, components and technologies
  • Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo Europe provides a unique overview of the wide variety of technology available
  • Stay informed on the latest designs, manufacturing processes, technological advances and trends so you can manage cost and performance and give your customers what they need
  • Be seen at the industry’s largest free-to-attend exhibition and networking event


expo photo

Featured exhibitors include:

Exhibition Opening Hours

Tuesday 4 April  09:00hrs-16:30hrs

Wednesday 5 April  09:00hrs-16:30hrs

Thursday 6 April  09:00hrs-15:00hrs



Conference Opening Hours

Tuesday 4 April  08:45hrs-17:00hrs

Wednesday 5 April  08:45hrs-17:00hrs

Thursday 6 April  08:45hrs-16:30hrs