Tech Preview

Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo Europe will showcase the very latest innovations and technologies for electric and hybrid vehicles, from leading manufacturers of components and powertrain systems, and vehicle OEMs.
Here is just a taste of some of the cutting-edge technology that you will see on display at the show.

Daimler AG Reveal Developments in Powertrain Electrification and Battery Production

Leading vehicle producer Daimler will showcase its stationary battery storage systems, using innovative safe and durable lithium-ion technology, which the company has perfected. With the developments in powertrain electrification, energy storage has been a prominent feature of Daimler’s recent work. Its subsidiary Mercedes-Benz Energy GmbH is responsible for the development and international sales of branded stationary energy storage systems, which are designed for private households as well as for commercial and industrial use. Daimler’s lithium-ion technology underpins such systems.

Attendees to The Battery Show will be able to see Daimler’s latest offerings on home turf – the event is taking place in Sindelfingen, Germany, where the company’s largest plant is situated. “Because of the reorientation of the company and the whole automotive industry towards electric mobility and the activities in battery production of Daimler, it is a matter of course that we will be present at the show,” says Franz Nietfeld, senior manager of battery integration at Daimler. “We also use this platform to promote our newest intentions in the sector of energy storage and we are looking forward to a win-win situation by the exchange of knowledge with other experts.”

Learn more about Daimler’s work, products, and upcoming plans at stand 101.

Drivetrain Electrification Solutions from Continental Engineering Services

Continental Engineering Services (CES) will showcase itsdrivetrain electrification solutions for applications ranging from lightweight city cars to Formula E vehicles. CES’s experts will be on hand to explain how the company can provide customized solutions for technologically challenging tasks or adapt its proven mass production technologies for bespoke solutions. Find out how this approach reduces development costs and enables the implementation of solutions into automotive applications including small series, niche and special vehicles as well as industrial applications.

CES will present its complete portfolio of HV & LV components for the electric & hybrid drivetrains. These include: traction motors up to 300kW or more; power electronics 12V to 900V; vehicle control units; power distribution units; battery management systems; calibration and testing in our own facilities; thermal management for electric vehicles on system level; and validation & homologation services.

Visit Continental Engineering Services at stand B200


Valeo Showcase 48V Belt Starter Generator for Lower CO2 Emissions

Visit Valeo at stand 411 to see how its 48V iBSG (Belt Starter Generator with integrated electronics) can help automotive OEMs tackle CO2 emission challenges. Learn how the company developed the technology, which promises to revolutionise automotive hybridization, by building on its Stop and Start system, StARS. The belt driven starter-generator compliments the company’s portfolio, which includes its iStARS systems and 48V DCDC (converter) solutions.

Attendees can also learn how to benefit from Valeo Siemens eAutomotive’s (a joint venture with Siemens) complete scope of technologies (power electronics and e-machines) from the full-hybrid, plug-in hybrid to full electric Powertrain Systems, plus how a large number of its high voltage products and systems are already being used by BMW, Renault, Volvo and SAIC.

Find out more with a visit to Valeo at stand 411

HUBER + SUHNER Present Cooled Charging Cable for High-Power Charging Stations

HUBER+SUHNER offers a wide spectrum of RADOX cables, guaranteeing safe and durable connections in demanding environments, for things such as high-voltage distribution units, high-voltage connectivity systems. The company’s impressive product portfolio includes the Cooled Charging Cable – a system best suited to high-power charging stations that is currently being brought to market. At present, fast-charging stations work with an output of 50 kilowatts and charging currents of 125 amperes, resulting in charging times of up to one hour for the new generation of electric vehicles. The Cooled Cable System easily beats this, delivering charging currents of 500 amperes and higher which keeps charging times below 20 minutes.

Visit HUBER+SUHNER at stand 422 to find out more about the new cable solution.

Odawara Display Motor Winding Systems for Electric Vehicles

Odawara Engineering is a leading manufacturer of motor winding systems and will display its latest advanced technology for EV, HEV, and BLDC. Visitors can get to grips with the production process through sample windings and video screenings, and learn how and where Odawara is making improvements across winding and assembly processes. Team members from the company will be on hand to discuss its advances in flat wire winding and hairpin motor technology.

In addition, Odawara will demonstrate its Model IOW Winder. This flexible in-slot needle winder is designed for BLDC stators. The winding is accomplished by a combination of three independent AC servo motors, and changeover for slow count, turns per coil, and stack heights can be achieved through data input. The winder can accommodate low-volume, high-volume, and sample production requirements.

Visit Odawara at stand 410 and discover how the company can be of service.

Amphenol-Tuchel Showcase Power and Signal Connectors for xEVs

Visit Amphenol-Tuchel Electronics GmbH to learn more about its total connection solutions for all hybrid and electric vehicle applications. Amphenol’s experts will be on hand to guide you to the right solution, whether it’s power connectors for battery connections, power distribution, motor control units, electronic control units, or inverters and converters, all with the ability to withstand vibration, humidity, dust, salt, and temperature extremes.

Amphenol will showcase its HVSL Series of power and signal connectors for xEV applications, its PowerLok plug receptors and connectors, and its SurLok Plus compression lug solution. The HVSL Series boasts one to three positions, has a rated current from 16A to 250A, and is equipped with high-voltage interlock (HVIL). The PowerLok has many features including one to four positions, and is fully shielded and offers optional HVIL and multipolarization. SurLok Plus is a field-installable alternative to common compression lugs using industry standard crimp, screw, and busbar termination options.

Visit Amphenol-Tuchel Electronics GmbH at stand 419 to find out more

Connectivity & Sensor Solutions from TE Connectivity

Global technology leader TE Connectivity Germany GmbH will be showcasing its entire range of connectivity and sensor equipment solutions for the electric and hybrid automotive sector. Among the solutions on show will be TE Connectivity’swide range of connectors, terminals, sensors, high-voltage (HV) cables, cable assemblies, contactors, harnesses, and battery connection protection to help safeguard the flow of power in hybrid and electric vehicles.

TE Connectivity will also be highlighting its new charging products that safely transfer power into the batteries: TE actively co-creating efficient charging solutions. The company’s sensor portfolio includes position, speed and resolver, current, humidity, pressure, and temperature sensors, among others, and furthers our leadership position in high-voltage (HV) transmission and distribution.

Visit TE Connectivity Germany GmbH for more details at stand 420

EDN Group Announce New Liquid-Cooled On-Board Chargers

Visit EDN Group to learn more about its new liquid-cooled HPC22K series of 22kW on-board chargers for commercial, industrial plug-in hybrid or pure electric vehicle applications either individually or paralleled. The solution for high-end commercial and industrial automotive applications follows two years of research and development to design conversion technology that improves power density, specific power and is more cost-effective for volume production. The extremely compact design halves EDN’s current benchmark dimensions to allow HPC22KL to be installed in tight spaces anywhere on the vehicle.

HPC22KL can also provide its maximum power output for the entire battery voltage range to optimize the charging time. Its AC grid connection is a pure 3-phase suitable for nominal plug-in to 400Vac/50Hz (Europe) and 480Vac/60Hz (North America) and provide a full compliance with SAE J1772 and EN61851 to be easily connected to the EVSE around the globe.

Meet the EDN team at stand 506

Sevcon Present 'Intelligent Control' Solutions for 48V to 800V Systems

Sevcon will present its latest technology-driven solutions for motor controllers, chargers, and voltage conversion used in 48V through to 800V systems. Sevcon’s experts will showcase the company’s latest ‘Intelligent Control’ solutions that deliver the most compact, high-performance, reliable, and functionally safe ISO26262 products and solutions. Visit Sevcon to learn why leading manufacturers worldwide have partnered with them to deliver electrification programmes into motorsport, commercial and construction vehicles, on-road cars, bikes, and industrial equipment.

Find out more from SevCon at stand 401

Magnetic Measurement Expertise from Laboratorio Elettrofisico

Laboratorio Elettrofisico will showcase the world’s most precise magnetizing and magnetic measuring equipment from its engineering, design, and manufacturing portfolio. Highly specialised experts will be on hand to explain how they can custom design and engineer fixtures to meet specific application requirements from the ground up. Visitors can learn more about the company’s expertise in magnetizing fixtures for electric motors, rotors, stators, flywheels, sensors, spoke PM inductors, water pumps, odd surface polarity magnets, watches, and encoders.

Laboratorio’s team will also present its comprehensive line of measurement products that provide a single source for magnetic measuring, processing and analysis of magnetic materials, circuits, and assemblies. The company’s products include magnetizers and custom magnetic charging fixtures, Fluxmeters, magnetometers, Helmholtz coils, Hysteresisgraph systems, and linear power supplies.

Visit Laboratorio Elettrofisico at stand 425 for more details.

LORD Corporation Present Battery Packs and Motors for Demanding Applications

World-class thermal management solution company LORD Corporation will showcase its product range of battery packs,motors, chargers, and power electronics. Visit LORD Corporation’s stand to learn more about its product lines for demanding applications that include potting and encapsulation materials, adhesives, gap fillers, gels, and greases that span various chemistries – silicones, epoxies, acrylics, and urethanes. 

Lord Corporation puts 40 years of experience and knowledge into its electronic materials to develop solutions that help ensure its customers' success. These solutions include battery packs that enable proper heat flow during charge/discharge cycles; motors which decrease operating temperature by up to 50°C or increase power output by up to 30%; chargers that ensure magnetics remain cool – less than a 6°C temperature difference between the core and heat sink during charging; and power electronics that give high thermal conductivity at low viscosity to remove hot spots.

Visit LORD Corporation at stand 524 to learn more

Dewetron Present Power Analyser for Polyphase Power Systems

Universal test and measurement systems specialist Dewetron GmbH will showcase its all-in-one power analyser for data acquisition on polyphase power systems. Dewetron’s experts will explain how its solutions make it possible to analyse the efficiency, power parameters, harmonic load, and bearing temperature of polyphase electrical motors and even complete drive trains within a single measurement instrument.

Additionally, they will be able to advise visitors on how digital and analog inputs, such as environmental data and mechanical parameters, can be measured synchronously and calculated online. Dewetron’s power analyser can be fitted new or as an aftermarket upgrade to test-bed environments using intelligent interfaces and communication protocols.

Visit Dewetron at stand B239 to learn more

Bender Display Charge Controllers for Cost-Effective Charging Systems

Bender will display its CC612 family of charge controllers that enable intelligent, compact, and cost-effective charging systems for electric vehicle charging stations, wall boxes, and street light charging applications. The CC612 solutions combine the electrical safety requirements of AC charging points with the vehicle charging requirements specified by IEC 61851, IEC 60364, IEC 62196, ISO 15118, and the Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP).

Bender’s experts will be on hand to explain how the CC612 can be easily configured (local and remote) and extended for additional functionality. The CC612 can control type 1 and type 2 plugs, and type 1 and type 2 sockets, while supporting 2.5G Edge and 3G UMTS mobile networks for online connectivity.

Visit Bender GmbH & Co.KG at stand B236 to learn more

Cloud-Based Smart Charger System from Fortum Charge & Drive

Visit Fortum Charge & Drive BVto learn how its simple, fast, and secure charging solutions can meet your electric vehicle needs. With more than 100 chargers around the Nordics, see how you can benefit from Fortum’s unique expertise and 20 years of experience in integrating with multiple hardware suppliers. Learn more about how to easily integrate Fortum’s cloud-based smart charger system into your existing IT environment with guaranteed continuous development and functionalities.

Fortum’s team will able to walk you through its intuitive web app, European roaming, and customer portal control options and how its full-service EV charging system can adapt to your needs. The service infrastructure is hardware agnostic and has remote control.

So, whether looking for a complete turnkey solution or a cloud-based solution that integrates to your own system, visit Fortum’s stand to see just how simple and easy they can make the process.

Meet the Fortum Charge & Drive BV team at stand 430